Colour Love

Last week Saturday was one of the biggest events of the year, for me especially the LGBTQ Pride,  a march where no matter what your sexual orientation was or who you are, you could march surrounded by a lot of different people but be together as one proud community. I feel this is such a beautiful event, that as a minority we have that day to celebrate who we are, because as much as it may seem ‘normal’ it can be very difficult at times, not being able to hold your partners hand as you walk down the street or give him a kiss when you feel like it because people will stare or worse, attacking you verbally or in some cases physically.

It is very frustrating when some small minded people say ” why do you need pride, straight people do not have pride”, well when was the last time anyone heard that female and male couple got abused because they kissed or were holding hands in public.

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That’s why I believe it is very important to speak up about minority issues and do something about them. I feel as though pride march only takes place once a year, it  moves us as humanity  little forward with accepting and understanding the ‘different’

Both me and my partner we live in London and we are little fortunate that to some extent we can express our selves and hold hands or cuddle in the street because we live in such a big and multicultural city. Of course, we have to be VERY careful where we do it and how we do it in front because it is simply not always safe, so a lot of the time we still wait till we get home or a place where we feel safe.

In comparison to people in other parts of the country or different countries like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia where homosexuality is a death penalty. Which is very upsetting that in 2018 some places you could be killed for something you have no control over, which is who you love. Other countries, even Poland which is where I am originally from, walking hand in hand with a guy is not really an option. The circumstances are not as extreme but you have to be cautious.

Both me and Tom are lucky that both of our family are very accepting of us being gay and us being together, not long ago actually, it was my grandmothers birthday so I decided to send her a birthday card and alongside with the card I inserted a because few photos of me and Tom as I have spoken about him but she has not met him yet and when she received the photos she was very pleased. She actually said we look quite alike which is not the first time I have heard that. That makes me very happy that I can talk about my partner to my grandmother. I understand that a lot of people are not so fortunate and have gone through hell because of their sexuality and London is actually a good escape place for that, because a lot of us can really feel and be their selves and really express their identity

                                                                                                                         Which brings me to another Point I wanted to make about gay guys especially mocking and not being understanding of guys who are more in touch with their feminine side because we want and expect others to accept us for who we are but we cannot accept each other? Whats that all about? That goes for everything not just being feminine, I am into rubber and kinky and before I met Tom I use to speak to people on dating apps and websites and I was pretty open about my preferences and a lot of people either did not understand it or laughed at it, which is basically the same thing but you know what I mean.

It is like even you are gay, you still have to fit into a stereotype not to be judged by other gay guys. It is absurd but luckily many people don’t take it very seriously and just continue being themselves, no matter how feminine or kinky there are.     One thing which I found funny was that I saw a flogging demonstration in a shop recently, and the guy who was using the flogger and was dressed in head to toe leather and looked very masculine had a very flexibles wrist and hands in order to use the flogger properly, yet guys who are very expressive with their hands and wrist movements are often classed as feminine, its just something I noticed.

Also,Me and Tom took part in The Colour Run this year, I have done it last year but it was  Tom’s first time, it was incredible, we both had a fantastic time, little exhausting as  it was very sunny and humid but very positive experience to run together and having foam and dry paint thrown onto you and take part of music event after. Being yourself there was totally acceptable, it’s a color run.

My conclusion would be to just say to everyone, never be afraid to be your self and standout from the crowd because being different is beautiful.


Jakub x

– Thank you for taking your time to read, till the next time xx


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